Jayhawk Division Stats

It was a very nice day today as the crumpets club met at Leawood Elementary School. It was made even nicer by the fact that, for many of us, it was the beginning of spring break. There was some fierce wind, but other than that, it was a very nice day for crumpets.

Game 1 - Game one was very close (as were all of the games, really). In this game, "Shark Scales" (Michelle, Rob, Ross) defeated "Ruined Pants" (Robbie, Greg, John) by a score of 10-8. The Pants got a quick 0-3 lead on the Sharks before the sharks put up their first 2-pointer to make the score 2-3 at the switch. After the switch, the Pants scored the first point against the wind to make the score 2-4. The rest of that switch was dominated by the Sharks who scored 4 points with the wind, to make the score 6-4 at the second switch. With the wind again at their backs, the Pants scored 4 uncontested points to make the score 6-8 in their favor before the Sharks ruined their streak with a 2-pointer to tie the game at 8 for the final switch. With the wind at their backs, the Sharks put away the final two point shot to end the game.

Game 2 - In game two, "Retired Gnomes" (Kristin, John, Ross, Rob) defeated "Music Video Theme Song" (Michelle, Robbie, Rob, Jason) by a score of 10-9, with Greg standing by to video record. By far the most exciting play in this game came when the score was 8-7 in favor of the Gnomes and Rob (of the gnomes) took a shot on goal. The ball bounced far short, but with the wind it continued to roll. Then, to help it along, Rob got down on his knees and began to nudge the ball towards the goal with his head. At the absolute last second, Robbie lunged between the ball and the goal and the ball became pinned at the goal line. Greg rushed over as a third party and declared that it was not yet a goal. At this point, Rob W. rushed over and placed a foot on the ball to stop play. Through some miracle the Theme Songs managed to clear the ball and score another two points. But in the end, the Gnomes were able to pull it off.

Game 3 - Game three saw "ChefCon, Lord of Darkness" (Michelle, John, Kristin, Ross) rush out to a very early 4-1 lead over "We're Liars" (Rob, Robbie, Greg, Jason). For a while, the Liars were afraid that perhaps they had picked too cool of a name for their opponents. However, through a miraculous come back the Liars took the rest of the game on a wild and wacky 2-9 run to win the game by a score of "We're Liars"-10, "ChefCon, Lord of Darkness"-6.

Game 4 - Game three saw a showdown between "Please Break Us" (Greg, Michelle, Jason) and "Don't Worry, Break Rob" (Robbie, Rob, John, Ross). The names were both chosen in honor of Michelle, whose hand was nearly taken off in the previous game, but who elected to play again anyway. "Please Break Us" looked to have a very solid lead early on as they rushed out to an 8-5 lead over "Don't Worry". Continuing with the trend of destroying Michelle, Michelle took a poorly thrown stick in the stomach. She was unable to convert on the shot, though, and this allowed "Don't Worry" to stay alive. A fortunate serve by Robbie later went through for two points to raise "Don't Worry" to a more respectable 8-7 deficit. Shortly thereafter, a slow shot to the left of the "Please Break Us" goal was deflected (at the last second and in a sliding manner) into the goal by Robbie for two more points to suddenly give "Don't Worry" their first lead of the game. It was not enough, though, as "Please Break Us" broke the momentum to follow in for the last points of the game.

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