Jayhawk Division Stats

We had a wonderful turnout for Crumpets today! The last couple games played was 6v6. THAT's what I call good Crumpets attendance! The weather was probably a huge factor in the number of players, as yesterday was a gorgeous sunny spring day.

Game 1 - For this game, "Rum on the Rocks" (Heather, Peter, John, Katie, and Robbie) defeated "Peanuts and Cracker Jacks" (Madelaine, Michelle, Greg, Pat, Mel) by a score of 10-7. This game went kind of fast. Mel beat Robbie at a Farkle for two points for "Peanuts," but that wasn't enough. Apparently there was a butt shot by John that scored 2 for "Rum," but I somehow missed that. After the game ended Robbie left for rehearsal.

Game 2 - "Lesbian Jeans Unite" (Peter, Madelaine, Michelle, Greg, Mel and Deb) stung "Beauty is in the Eye of the Hive" (Katie, Heather, Patrick, John, Eric and Abby) 10-6. But "Jeans" had to fight for that win, as Heather displayed her awesome and amazing goalie skills. Greg also displayed some mad goalie-ing. Patrick had a high shot toward "Jeans" goal that would have gone in for 2, but Greg launched his stick into the air, allowing one point for "Beauty." THere was a nice assist by Mel to Greg that ended in 2 points for "Jeans." During the game, Deborah and Abby showed up, so we let them play. We also welcomed John's friend Eric back for his second time at crumpets.

Game 3 - "Yay for Surprises!" (John, Eric, Madelaine, Greg, Michelle, Deb) scared off "I'm a Wuss" (Mel, Heather, Patick, Peter, Katie, Abby) by deliciously close score of 10-8. It was an amazing game! "Wuss" was ahead 5-0 when "Yay!" came back to make the score 5-4. "Wuss" didn't like this and worked hard to make the lead bigger, but "Yay" fought back, and the game was tied 8-8. THere was a possible 2 points for "Yay!" at the end near the end but due to controversy we farkled. "Wuss" won the farkle, but "Yay" scored again soon anyhow. When Patrick was in goal he ended up kicking a crumpet stick instead of the crumpet, which sent the crumpet stick flying (and looked pretty painful). All in all the game was good.

*these Crumpets updates have been brought to you by Shortstop, otherwise known as Melissa Hambleton.

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