Jayhawk Division Stats - April 18th 2004

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The temperature today was perfect for crumpets. Unfortunately, it was a bit windy and it seemed like a storm was brewing, but it didn't rain and the temperature was great. Five people played today, including one new crumpeter, Justin Gramarye, and one crumpeter, Megan Nufer, who came out of semi-retirement for today's game. We welcome Justin and we welcome Megan back!

Game 1 - In the first of two very tight games, "Slay Me, Bellerophon" (Robbie, Mad, Megan) defeated "Irrational Numbers" (John, Justin) by a score of 10-8. As mentioned, this very tight game could easily have gone the other way had Megan been placed on the other team, giving them the player advantage. So it could be said that Madalaine was MVP in this game for defeating John in a mid-game farkle to determine which team would be Megan's.

Game 2 - In another amazingly close game, "Idiopathic Chiselbunkers" (Robbie, John) defeated "Upwind Losers" (Mad, Justin) by a score of 10-8. There were several lead changes throughout this game, and the game saw the Losers surmount an 8-5 deficit to make the score 9-8. Unfortunately for the Losers, a lucky in-bounds shot by Robbie bounced off Justin's stick and back into their goal, scoring the winning point of the game.

After the games we sat and chatted for a bit. Then I headed over to Target to try to pick up some things with our senate funding. Alas, Target had very few of the items that our club so sorely needs. So I will need to seek alternate sources of these materials.

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