Jayhawk Division Stats

It was a great day to be a crumpeter today. The first game was warm, but a slight drizzle at the end of the game cooled it off for the next game, which was exceptionally long.

Game 1 - In the first game, "Super Secret Prohibition" (Heather, Greg, Patrick) edged out "We're Ready to Take Our Crumpets Final" (Robbie, Justin, Patrick) by a score of 10-8. Prohibition came out fast with a one-point goal to put them up 1-0, but Final responded strongly with a 1-6 run to make the score 2-6 in their favor. Prohibition really pulled it together, though, and responded with a 6-0 run (against the wind!) to put themselves up 8-6. Final put away another 2-pointer to tie the game at 8 going into the final switch, and lost the last two points against the wind.

Game 2 - In an exceptionally long game 2, "Aggressive Soviet Rash" (Rob, Greg, Justion) defeated "I Hear Taupe is Soothing" (Heather, Robbie, Patrick) by a score of 10-5. The early game saw each team swapping 1-point goals at an agonizingly slow rate to inch the score up to 2-2. Then Rash swept by with a quick, unanswered 4 points to put it at 6-2. Finally, Taupe pulled three more points in to make the score a close 6-5. At this point in time, Rob had to abandon Rash, which may have given Taupe a bit of a big head, because they didn't score a single point after Rob leaving, despite having the extra player.

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