Jayhawk Division Stats

It rained in the morning, which made the afternoon pleasantly comfortable temperature-wise in spite of the humidity. It also made the stakes very easy to drive in. The crumpets club welcomes new players Logan, Sarah and Beth, and we hope you had fun!

Game 1 - In a very close game one, "Watery Grave" (Katie, Greg, Pat, Ki, Heather) edged out "We're Not Afraid of Tie-Dye" (John, Peter, Robbie, Tasha) by a score of 10-8.

Game 2 - In a much less close second game, "I Think I Swallowed A Bug" (Robbie, Greg, Patrick, John, Heather) defeated "One in Every Four Crumpet Players Has Lyme Disease" (Melissa, Tasha, Peter, Katie, Kim) by a score of 10-1. In this game we welcomed the aforementioned new players. We also welcomed back former Kansas player Kim French (sorry I forgot to mention you above, Kim) who was in KC for the week before heading to Germany for the summer.

Game 3 - Before we get into this game, a little explanation of the between-games events is in order. Before this day, Patrick had broken 2 crumpet sticks. Between games, Patrick and Crumpow III were playing (imagine this) wiffle ball. John pitched the ball (which was one of the balls that came with the bat). Patrick hit it with Crumpow III and Crumpow III split right down the middle, ending his short career. The team names both reflect this event, although some more clearly than others.

In this game, "Ostrich Face Bat Breaker" (Melissa, Greg, John, Beth, Tasha, Kim, Sarah) defeated "Curse of Crumpow" (Robbie, Peter, Patrick, Logan, Heather, Katie) by a score of 10-7.

Game 4 - Game three turned out to be the guys and Sarah against the ladies. It was a very hard-fought game, contributed to by the fact that John, Robbie and (occasionally) Greg were playing with their off hands. But, still, it was hard fought. In this game, "Ich Habe Keine Beine" (Robbie, Greg, John, Logan, Sarah) defeated "Schangling Nozzbodies" (Beth, Mel, Kim, Heather) by a score of 10-1. Again, in spite of the score, this game was hard-fought and saw many amazing saves by Melissa as well as a few good scores for several of the newer players. Sarah in particular had some good goals, as most of the girls kept forgetting she wasn't on their team.

A trip to Buffalo wild wings was in order. Logan's team won two games on the trivia thing. One of them a last-question steal from Robbie and Katie's team, the other a close match-up against Cori's team.

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