Jayhawk Division Stats

Today was a perfect day in Lawrence for crumpets. The storms last night left the ground soft, but not too muddy. The temperature was great, too.

Also, some games were played today by the MU club in Jefferson City, MO. Because I don't know if adding another "May 25" match would mess up the system, and because (oddly enough) MU falls under the Jayhawk League presently, I'm going to include their games here. I'll make it clear with description goes with which group.

Game 1 - The first game of the Lawrence group was a two-vs-two match between "If You Like Jogging, Try Crumpets" (Peter, Patrick) and "Chocolate Milk Cake Curry" (Madelaine, Robbie). This game ended up 10-4 in favor of "Jogging".

Game 2 - The rest of the Lawrence gang showed up partway through game two, and we were very glad to see them. Two-vs-two is exhausting! Game two saw "Don't Step on the Bunny" (Robbie, Greg, Patrick, Peter, John E.) defeat "Smelly Poo" (Patrick, John H., Madelaine, Tasha) by a score of 10-6.

Game 3 - Game three was pretty much just a tweak of game two, with Greg and Tasha switching sides. This game was very long, especially early on, when the average time between points was 10-15 minutes. In this game, "We Shot J.R." (John H., Madelaine, Patrick, Greg) faced off against "Old Balance" (Peter, Robbie, John E., Tasha). "Old Balance" jumped out to a quick 3-0 lead, but then allowed "J.R." to go on a long streak to put themselves ahead 3-6. Not to be outdone, "Old Balance" pulled themselves together and scored 4 straight to be back in the lead with a score of 7-6. By this time, the scores were coming a bit faster. "J.R." scored a tying point before "Old Balance" stretched it back out to 9-7. At this point, "Old Balance" decided to press their lead. They chose to be aggressive for the last point while a point for "J.R." wouldn't win them the game. This plan backfired as "J.R." put up a two-pointer to tie the game at Crumpet Point. The final point came from Madelaine, who scored one through the corner of Peter's goal, making the final score 10-9, with "We Shot J.R." edging out "Old Balance".

Game 4 - Game four was much less interesting. In this game, "Pat's Johns" (Patrick, John H., John E.) defeated "Ugly Cow Horn" (Robbie, Greg, Tasha) by a score of 10-2.

Game 5 - Now we're into the games that took place in Jeff. City. In the first game, "Joe Means Nothing" edged out "Stewie" by a score of 10-9.

Game 6 - The second JC game was another close one, with "Little Great Wall" defeating "Xiang'xau" 11-8.

Game 7 - In yet a third close JC game, "Testicle Festival" ousted "We Ain't Got No Mongols" (whose name seems to be a delayed rendition of the previous game) by a score of 10-8.

After the games we went over to, you guessed it, Buffalo Wild Wings for thirty cent wing nights.

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