Jayhawk Division Stats - March 17th 2003

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It's St. Patrick's Day and war is imminent. But 7 people still came to KC today for some good times and good crumpets. Both games were neck and neck, although the scores don't necessarily show this.

Game 1 - "Kite Eating Tree" was taken down by "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" by a score of 10-6. It's worth noting that we had a few new initiates today. Dan and Taylor, two wee fellas, stopped by and their mom asked if they could play. And of course they could! In a rare display of farkling finesse, Robbie bested Ross and won both players for the "Tree". Even with this swing of players, it just wasn't enough.

Game 2 - "Oh! I thought you said elephant!" was defeated by "Seldom Do We" by a score of 10-7.

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