Jayhawk Division Stats

Happy June, everyone. Today was a comfortable day and was relatively wind-free (for everyone except Joe, who has grown pampered in his wind-free MO games). The KU crumpets club welcomes back Joe and welcomes new player, Jerad.

Game 1 - In the first game, "Quinn Snyder's Bumblebee Socks" (John E., Patrick, John H., Jerad) defeated "We Don't Need No Sistahs" (Robbie, Heather, Tasha, Greg, Joe) by a score of 10-7.

Game 2 - As Heather pointed out, game two was a trading of one player for two. Throw in some new team names, and you've got the second game. In this game, "Running Squishy Skeleton Car" (Patrick, Greg, Tasha, John E., John H.) defeated "Stick Right Through Me, He-Man" (Robbie, Joe, Heather, Jerad) by a score of 10-5.

Game 3 - The second game was a hard match between "You Are Spartacus" (Jared, John E., Patrick, Robbie) and "Cute Girl, Come Get Your Tennis Ball" (Joe, Heather, Tasha, John H.). "Cute Girl" jumped out with a quick 2-0 lead, but lost it to a 3-0 run by Spartacus. Cute Girl managed to tie it back up at 3 before dropping back to a 5-3 deficit. After several long, hard points, the Girls managed to run the score back up to 5-6, with themselves on top. Spartacus capped off the game with a 5-0 run, ending the game 10-6 in favor of "You Are Spartacus".

Game 4 - This game, between "All Our Base Are Belong To You" (John E., Tasha, Patrick, Greg, Jerad) and "Caution! Muskrat with Braces!" (Joe, Robbie, John H., Heather), was everything that Game 3 was not. Base jumped out to a very fast 8-0 lead before the Muskrats finally tallied their first point. Base scored another 1 point before the Muskrats, after much hard work, pulled their score to three. The final points were much harder fought, but ended up going to Base, who won the game 10-3.

Game 5 - Game 5 is what most crumpet games only dream of being. In this game, which was mostly scored in intervals of 1 point, "Shrimp Fingers" (Greg, Joe, Jerad, John E., Eric) got edged out by "All Hands on Pink Shorts" (Patrick, Tasha, Heather, Robbie, John H.). The game was very tight the whole way through, with several lead changes occuring throughout. Joe had a particularly amazing shot, which involved something of a roundhouse swing to hit the crumpet (which was behind him) and send it sailing through for two points. This is, of course, one of many amazing plays. In the end, though, "Pink Shorts" pulled out a 2-pointer to win by 9-10, in spite of being down 9-8 at the time of the shot.

Guess what. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings after. I'm just going to stop putting this in the thing. We'll be doing this all summer.

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