Jayhawk Division Stats - June 15th 2004

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Today was quite warm, and a bit humid. And we had to share our field with some campers and the karate folks. But it was still great! We also had the pleasure of expanding the field again to account for a larger group. Of course, some of the group left and that made the rest of us just have to run more.

Game 1 - In the first game, "Lucky Egg" (Greg, Patrick, Heather, Melissa) was edged out by "The Jail Bump is Pretty" (Robbie, Tasha, John, Justin) by a score of 10-9. The Eggs jumped out to a 1-0 lead, but the game proceeded to see-saw back and forth, with Bump scoring a quick 2-pointer, and Egg responding with one of their own to make it 3-2, Eggs, at the switch. The lead proceeded to change 4 more times over the game, with the game ending on a 3-0 run by the Bumps.

Game 2 - In the second game, "Send To: Patrick's Lower Left Leg, Bump That Hurts" (Robbie, Justin, Tasha, Heather, Cori) lost to "Chipmunk Fieldhouse" (Greg, Patrick, John, Ethan, Melissa) by a score of 10-4.

Game 3 - Game three saw the (name-that-never-seems-to-die) "Why Are You Playing Frisbee When You Should Be Playing Crumpets" (Robbie, Melissa, Greg, Heather, Ethan) defeat "Plant it in Her Head" (John, Patrick, Justin, Cori) by a score of 10-4. In this game, Patrick had the lovely distinction of being one of the few players to hit his or her teammate with friendly fire. An irregularly thrown hit that had little chance of finding its mark (since its mark had already scored) did manage to find Justin's back. A very odd occurrence, especially when you consider the amazing tangled tumble the two took in the first game.

We resumed the tradition of going to Buffalo Wild Wings. We did well in one trivia game, and then performed poorly in the next one. But the Pistons beat the Lakers, for what it's worth.

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