Jayhawk Division Stats

Welcome to evening one of the MOKAN crumpets weekend. The Kansas folks began showing up at 5:30, ate some KFC (which was a really bad idea) and the game started at 6:00. We got kicked off of one field, but we relocated to another and continued unphased.

Game 1 - Game one was, by Kansas standards, a massive 8 on 9 game. Not so big for the Missouri folks, but still rather large. In this game, "Nifong Connector" defeated "Rubber Band Testicle Clamp" by a score of 10-6. It was also during this game that we were forced to move fields.

Game 2 - This game was the first of two "Missouri vs. Kansas" games. This one was 4 on 4 (more Kansas style) and the next one was bigger (more Missouri style). The smaller game was due to the fact that it was getting dark, and the decision was made to reduce the large game into two smaller games. This game had "Roy Who?" (Kansas folk) facing off against "Wet, Hairless Seal" (Missouri folk). The game was pretty even until "Roy Who?" took off to make the score 9-4. The Seals scored two more but the game was finished off when Joe "Benedict Arnold" Eidson polished it off with one last goal.

Game 3 - At the same time as "Roy Who?" was ousting "Wet, Hairless Seal", "Sweet, Sweet Goo" was facing off against "Get Off The Field" on the adjacent field. This game was not so much a Kansas vs Missouri game, but proved to be very exciting none-the-less. "Off The Field" jumped to an early 5-0 lead before "Goo" could catch up. Then, "Off The Field" pulled out to a 9-4 lead before "Goo" made a 6-point run to end the game. Towards the end of this game the remaining Kansas players showed up.

Game 4 - This game was a face-off between the winners of the two previous games (with a few added players). By the end of this game, it was EXTREMELY dark, so it was decided to play a half game instead of another full game. In this game, "Sweet, Sweet Goo" defeated "Roy Who?" by a score of 5-4.

We played until it was as dark as can be. Then we rolled on over to the MOKAN crumpets party and had us a time until it was late and we were tipsy and sleepy. Then we went to bed to rest up for the next day of crumpets.

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