Jayhawk Division Stats

Day two of the MOKAN crumpets weekend. After waking up in time to meet in Jeff. City at the crack of noon, the crumpeters bathed in sunscreen and set up another large game followed by another large game, followed by a split set of small games.

Game 1 - This game was most of the Kansas players' first experience with two-ball crumpets. There was one large ball that scored normal points, and one small ball that scored a single point regardless of whether it went through the back or not. There was some confusion about the rules, but in general the game was a success, keeping everyone interested most of the time.

"Hooked Bacula" just outscored "Wankle Rotary Engine" by a score of 10-9. Engine scored most of its goals with the small ball, and even those that it did score with the large ball were only 1 pointers (read: Engine scored 9 goals for 1 point each). In spite of scoring 9 times, and doing a fancy wave-team name shout, "Engine" just couldn't pull out the victory.

Game 2 - This was the second of the actual "Missouri vs. Kansas" games, and this was a large 7 on 7 game (may have been 8 on 8, I'm not sure). This is the opposite of the previous one, in that the larger teams favored the Missouri style of play over the Kansas one. As could be expected, "We Love You, Cletus" (the MO folk) defeated "Beakers" (the KS folk) by a lofty 10-2 score.

Game 3 - This was one of the two smaller games set up after the large game. In this game, "Temujin Says" faced off against "Don't Drown, Kids!". The first point was scored by Peter, who approached John, presented his backside and said "Hit my ass!". John promptly kicked the ball directly into Peter's ass and it bounced back through for a point. This game also saw the near castration of poor Brandon. In the end, "Temujin Says" won by a score of 10-4.

Game 4 - In another amazingly close small game, "Evolution is Real" overcame "Matt, Put Your Clothes On!". Matt had the advantage early, with a 7-3 lead, which it later turned into a 9-5 lead. However, the comeback power of "Evolution is Real" proved to be too much as they went on a 0-5 run to end the game 10-9 in favor of "Evolution is Real".

I had to leave early to be back in KC for work. So I don't know what everyone did after the games.

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