Jayhawk Division Stats

7 people arrived in Overland Park today for what promised to be a rousing game of lightning crumpets. This, however, fell through and the weather turned out to be sunny, windy and relatively boring. OK, so the wind kept it interesting. But it didn't rain.

Game 1 - "Team We Suck" lived up to its name, losing to "This Field Looks Like Poo" by a score of 2-10. The crosswind was present but didn't have a drastic effect on this game. The fact that "This Field" had one extra player may or may not have had something to do with their victory.

Game 2 - The teams in this game were nearly identical to those in the first. The only difference is that the one extra player (Kim) went from one team to the other.

In game two, "Djibuti, Djibuti" lost to "I'm Not a Name Guy" by a score of 8-11. The game started out very fast for "Name Guy", who jumped out to a 6-0 lead early on. "Djibuti" turned things up, though, running the score up to 8-6 before not scoring any more points and, therefore, losing.

There were many other exciting things in this game, as well. Rob Winnie made perhaps one of the most spectacular saves I'd ever seen by bravely inserting his face between the goal and Greg's well-prepared slap shot. Tau Kung had his ass kicked (quite literally). And the game ended with Robbie Overton, of "Djibuti Djibuti" bringing the ball in play and promptly passing it to the opposing team, who was standing directly in front of the wide open goal.

Game 3 - Wind was high in game three. Several times the ball managed to find its way across the street into the neighboring subdivision. But that didn't stop us. Oh no, it would take more than that.

In game 3, "Run!" defeated "When Pippi Longstocking Fails" by a score of 10-6. Energy was low, and wind was high on this game so it was relatively slow paced with the rare exception of the mad sprint to try to stop the ball from rolling deeper into the woods or from rolling into the oblivion of yards across the street.

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