Jayhawk Division Stats - July 6th 2004

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We hadn't originally planned to play today, but a few interested players, and a convenient shifting of the conflict I thought I had and bingo, we were on. The crumpets club welcomes Katie and welcomes back infrequent crumpet player, Pat Flor.

Game 1 - In the first game, Jose was originally on the team that would become "By The Power of Greyskull", but he believed that the other team was unfairly balanced. In order to be nice, he ditched soon-to-be Greyskull for the other team, not realizing that this could anger the crumpet spirits, who insure that the teams are appropriate through our "random" system. As such, his team name became "We Reject Jose". In the first game, "By The Power of Greyskull" (Robbie, Pat, Ethan, Cori) defeated "We Reject Jose" (Justin, Katie, Mad, Jose) by a score of 10-1.

Game 2 - In game 2, "Swiss Cheese Defense" (Robbie, Greg, Jose, Katie, Ethan) faced off against "Hairy Toaster Leaves Dog" (Justin, Pat, Cori, Mad). The Dogs ran to a fast 6-0 lead while Greg was out taking pictures and Swiss Cheese Defense was living up to its name. Then Greg came in, and Robbie won the farkle for him. The Cheese then went on a 1-9 run before the Dogs could put up another two-pointer to tie the game at 9-9. Ethan put the serve from that last two-pointer right back into the goal to finish off the game 10-9 in favor of "Swiss Cheese Defense".

Game 3 - In game three, "Terpsichorean Piffle" (Cori, Katie, Robbie, Pat, Greg) defeated "I Saw a Dog, So I Said It" (Mad, Jose, Ethan, Justin) by a score of 10-5.

You know full well what we did after the games. If you don't, you need to pay more attention to the game updates.

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