Jayhawk Division Stats

Welcome to MOKAN 2: The Lawrence Saga. The weather in Lawrence was quite nice, but some nasty rain between Lawrence and Columbia caused the MO players to show up a bit late. But they were all there in time to party, so it worked out.

Game 1 - To start off, we welcome new player, Josh Hambleton, who definitely showed his stuff today. We also welcome back Jill K. and Colleen to the KU group. In the first game, "Long Legs, Short Shorts" (Robbie, Mel, Katie, Patrick, Heather, Greg, Joe, Cori) defeated "Fat Man in a Sombrero" (Peter, Jose, Josh, Ethan, Colleen, Jill, Justin) by a score of 10-8.

Game 2 - During the second game, Greg taught a group of young players to play crumpets on the side and explained to their parents (who are PE teachers) how the game works. As a result of the presence of children, "Fupp Ducts" (Me, Katie, Jose, Peter, Patrick, Jill, Ethan) had to be careful to enounciate clearly as they ousted "Please Nip Our Buds" (Justin, Joe, Heather, Mel, Josh, Colleen, Cori) by a score of 10-4. This game saw two hand calls, one on Cori and one on Ethan. Only one was converted for a point.

Game 3 - In the third game, "Turn Around, Don't Drown" (Josh, Robbie, Katie, Jill, Ethan, Jose, Heather) fell to "PE Teachers" (Mel, Justin, Pat, Colleen, Cori, Peter, Joe) by a score of 10-6. Right at the end of this game the first car of MO players showed up.

Game 4 - The third game was a 9 on 9 game between "Wacky Rotation" and "You'll Poke Your Eye Out, Kid". There were actually only 12 people on the field at a time, and the remaining players simply rotated in our out based on systems created by each team. The game ended up 10-5, in favor of "You'll Poke Your Eye Out, Kid".

Everyone went back to B1 and partied it up.

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