Jayhawk Division Stats - July 26th 2004

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Some heavy rain earlier this week cooled off the Lawrence area quite nicely, making for a very pleasant temperature on the crumpets field. The KU club would like to welcome Baiju and Randy who joined us tonight and we hope they'll return in the future. We also tip our hats to regulars Joe Eidson and Mad Marchin, who have whacked their last crumpets as members of the KU club.

Game 1 - In the first game, "Anime Girls" (Baiju, Jose, Joe, Patrick, Justin, Randy, Mel) played in a fairly close game against "Eat My Schwartz" (Robbie, Cori, John, Jared, Jordan, Ryan, Mad). The teams generally traded goal for goal, with the primary goal of interesting coming from Patrick, whose shot against Cori was blocked very nicely. But with a superhuman effort, Patrick dove across the field to put Cori's blocked shot back into the goal for two points. The final score ended up being 10-7 in favor of "Anime Girls".

Game 2 - The second game was a bit less close, with "Purple Pineapple Pants" (Mel, Jose, Robbie, Patrick, Justin, John, Ryan) defeating "Yellow Sub with Dell Pickles" (Baiju, Cori, Joe, Randy, Jared, Jordan, Mad) by a score of 10-5.

Game 3 - The third game came off of a mass-farkle team selection in which one team was entirely made up of rocks (as I recall). "Nothin' Beats Rock" (Mel, Patrick, Joe, John, Justin, Randy, Mad) overcame the odds to defeat "Except Paper" (Baiju, Cori, Jose, Jared, Jordan, Ryan, Robbie) by a score of 10-6.

Game 4 - In the final game, "B Porn Squad" (Mel, Greg, Joe, John, Justin, Randy, Mad) came to an early 4-0 lead over "e^((i)(pi)-1)" (Robbie, Patrick, Cori, Jose, Jared, Jordan, Ryan) with a 2-point follow-up shot by Melissa and a 2-point penalty shot by John. After this, "e^((i)(pi)-1)" altered its gameplan to a more passing centered one instead of a dribble-centered one. They never looked back, going on a 10-0 run against poor Melissa, who was the unfortunate one stuck in the goal at the time. The final score saw "e^((i)(pi)-1)" defeating "B Porn Squad" 10-4.

A large group of us went to Molly McGee's for 1/2 price burgers, where we ordered, ate, and then were informed that (I'm not making this up) they changed the sign WHILE WE WERE EATING! So we payed full price to the little SOBs. Some of us then went back to apartment B1 to play drinking Mouse Trap and watch movies.

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