Jayhawk Division Stats

It was a very nice day today, especially compared to the blistering heat of last week. The crumpets club welcomes Amanda, who is new this week but who played like a seasoned crumpeteer.

Game 1 - The first game looked to be very lopsided at first, with "Small and Broken" (Jose, Justin, Kim, Jared, Greg) facing off against "Stop Speaking in Cursive" (Amanda, Cori, Heather, Robbie). But in spite of having fewer players, "Stop Speaking" gave "S&B" a good run for their money, staying right up with them to the last goal, to end the game 10-8 in favor of "Stop Speaking in Cursive".

Game 2 - In another very close game (I believe the lead changed 3 or 4 times throughout this game), "There's No Place Like Home" (Robbie, Justin, Jared, Amanda, Cori) squared off against "Window of Beans" (Jose, Greg, Heather, Kim, Katie). This one again came down to the final goal, ending with "Window of Beans" being edged out by a final score of 10-8.

Game 3 - The third game was not so close. In this game, "Losers Walk Like a Suitcase Full of Waffles" (Jose, Justin, Kim, Heather) and "ConcuBinary Code" (Cori, Robbie, Amanda, Katie) squared up for battle. "Suitcase of Waffles" was up to 7 points before "ConcuBinary" could even get on the board with their first. "ConcuBinary Code" managed to nudge one more point in before "Suitcase Full of Waffles" finished the game, 10-2.

After the games we headed over to DQ, and then back the Apartment B1 for games and movies and Simpsons.

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