Jayhawk Division Stats

Welcome to the first session of the KU Crumpets Club's fall semester. We are very excited about the new players we met at Unionfest last night, all of whom proved to be quite handy with a crumpet stick. We would officially like to welcome Rick, Chris, Jess, Kate, Alex, Jared, and Megan and we hope you'll return for future games.

Game 1 - In game one, "Meadow Muffins" (Rick, Alex, Jess, Robbie) squared off against "Jalopy" (Chris, Justin, Kate, Patrick) for what was the first game for most of the players. Everyone caught on very quickly, though. "Jalopy" jumped out to a quick 3-0 lead before Jess put the Muffins on the board with a point, later followed by a single point to put the score at 3-2 at the switch. After that, everyone on the Muffins got their feet under them and the rest of the game was all about the "Meadow Muffins", who ended the game 10-3 in their favor.

Game 2 - Kate left before this game and, after much coercing, Megan joined in. In this game, "Crawfish Catchers" (Heather, Megan, Jared, Chris, Robbie) seemed to have trouble getting started against "Annorexic Dromedary" (Rick, Alex, Justin, Patrick, Jess). Like game one, this game began fairly evenly before the unusually skinny camel took off to bring the score up to 9-2. Then, in excellent style, Heather made a magnificent save for the Catchers and, in also excellent style, Jess put it right back down the Catchers' throats to finish off the game 10-2 in favor of "Annorexic Dromedary".

Game 3 - The last three games were basically an experiment to prove the hypothesis that Patrick is nigh unstoppable. This is where all the new players bid us farewell to answer the frozen call of free ice cream, so these were some 2 on 2 games. In the third game (first of the three 2v2s), "We're the Same, but Tiny" (Justin, Patrick) ran up to 8-0 over "Fuzzy Dice Clay" (Heather, Robbie) before the Dice could get a point on the board. Then "We're the Same" finished it to make the final score 10-1 in their favor.

Game 4 - The fourth game looked a lot like the third. "Patrick's Not Very Professional" (Patrick, Robbie) leapt to an early 8-0 lead before "Traditions Night is Over Here" (Heather, Justin) got their point on the board, and "Patrick's" put up the last two to finish with another 10-1 game.

Game 5 - In the final game of the evening, "Give Us Red Bull" (Robbie, Justin) surprised everyone by putting up points before Patrick's team, "Red Bull Sucks" (Patrick, Heather) got past 5. Then, to make matters more exciting, "Give Us Red Bull" pulled the score back up to 7-4. Then, to make things less exciting, "Red Bull Sucks" scored three more points to win the game 10-4.

Most of the new players left at 7:30, drawn by the promise of free ice cream (I can't say I blame them). The rest of us played some 2 on 2 until it was dark, then headed over to DQ.

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