Jayhawk Division Stats

4 people showed today for some 80 degree crumpets. We had a blast, and hopefully more of you will be able to make it in the next few weeks.
Patrick Nuss had quite a day today, with his teams winning three out of the four games played.

Game 1 - "I'm a Loser, Baby, so Why Don't You Kill Me" (Pat and Kim) battled with "White T-Shirt Losers" (Robbie and Katie). It was an excellent neck and neck game until, with the score at 5-5, Pat suggested instigating the wind rule. Pat and Kim promptly scored five uncontested points, winning by a score of 10-5.

Game 2 - "Stinky Boys" (Robbie and Patrick) ousted "Jacques Chirac" (Kimmy and Katie) by a score of 10-2. Katie scored Chirac's only point with a splendid run that left both Robbie and Patrick stickless and lying on the ground. There was also the infamous pass from Pat to a wide open, gracefully running Robbie, who, upon touching the crumpet, promptly slipped and knocked it out of bounds.

Game 3 - "The Green Grass Grows All Around, All Around. The Green Grass Grows All Around. HEY!" (Robbie and Kimmy) were defeated by "The String Beans" (Patrick and Katie) by a score of 2-10, with the only points for Grass coming off a returned serve.

Game 4 - "Cowering Turtles" (Patrick and Kimmy) was defeated by "Magnificent Feather" (Robbie and Katie) by a score of 5-10 in what was probably the most entertaining game of the day. It again started off with an even 5-5 struggle by both sides. The primary differences between this and game one were twofold. Firstly, no wind rule was put into effect. Secondly, Robbie used some very unorthodox tactics, including long-range throws and one particularly memorable play that saw a stickless Robbie crawling around between a shooting Patrick and the otherwise open goal. This play also saw Robbie use his head to butt the ball gradually across the field until he'd reached the point where his stick was lying.

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