Jayhawk Division Stats

What a wild night! We had several new players, but in the chaos, I didn't get everyone's names. So I'll just say we had several new players and leave it at that. It was raining and thundering when we started playing our first 8 vs 7 game, which ended when 5 more people showed up to pull us up to 20 players. We split down into two games of five on five, and then 5 more people showed up.

Game 1 - The first game was an 8 on 7 monstrosity between "Thor's Target" and "Furries Rock My World". When more people showed up we decided to play sudden death so we could split down into two games. Immediately after this decision, John put a well-placed kick through the goal for "Thor's Target" to win the game 2-0.

Game 2 - After the split, in game 2a, "Fuzzy White T-Shirt" jumped to an early 2-0 lead over "Oh What a Beautiful Morning", who took a very long time getting going. But, once they got going, they really went, and the rest of the game was a 10-0 run to finish the game 10-2 in favor of Morning.

Game 3 - Game 2b took much, much longer than 2a. When 2a was wrapping up, "Lend Me Some Sugar" was winning over "Justin, Get Over Here" by a score of 8-2. After an amazing run for "Justin, Get Over Here" to put the game back at 8-7, "Lend me Some Sugar" scored a goal...for 1 point. It didn't matter in the end, though, as they put up that extra point to end the game 10-7 in favor of "Lend Me Some Sugar".

Game 4 - In a quasi-half-game, "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" went against "Shorts". Cloudy scored a slow pair of 1-pointers before Shorts tied it back up. At this point, game 2b ended, and many of those players joined in on this game, totally changing the dynamic. Patrick scored 2 points on a serve (something that hasn't been seen much lately) and Cloudy put up another 2-pointer before the game was called on account of tornado. In the end, "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs" won over "Shorts", 2-0.

The rain really picked up during the third game, as did the tornado warnings. So the people who were still around made for DQ, which is the obvious place to go to take shelter from a severe storm.

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