Jayhawk Division Stats - August 29th 2004

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Today officially marks 1 week for the KU crumpeters with no tornado warnings. It was quite a day, with nice, soft ground from all the rain. It warmed up quite a bit when the sun was out, but when it ducked behind a cloud later on, the temperature was perfect. We only had 8 players today, but it was also the first Sunday game, and we're still planning to play tomorrow, so some probably skipped because of that.

Game 1 - Game one was a 3 on 3 game between "You're Wearing Orange For Me" (Robbie, Patrick, Eric) and "Ach die Liebe! Goose!" (Justin, John, Mel). In a very close game with some new rules questions, "You're Wearing Orange" defeated "Goose" by a score of 10-8. At one point, after "Goose" scored a goal, Patrick chased the ball into the goal and kicked it (mostly unintentionally) which brought up the question of just what the penalty should be if there is a foot in the goal. Keep an eye on the message boards where there will hopefully be some discussion on the topic.

Game 2 - In the second game, "Cuddling With a Transvestite" (Justin, Mel, Greg, Patrick) jumped to an early (and easily scored) 2-0 lead over "Door Device Police Dudes" (Heather, Eric, John, Robbie). The Dudes fought their way back, though, to take a 3-2 lead, making it look like a close game was in store. Cuddling pulled the rug right out from under them, though, as they ran the score up from a 3-2 deficit to a commanding 3-9 lead. The Dudes fought valiantly to bring the game back under control to a more respectable 6-9 game, but Cuddling squeaked out the last point to finish the game 10-6 in their favor.

Game 3 - In the final game, "OH! Get it OFF!!" (Robbie, Justin, John, Greg) defeated an injury-ridden "Patrick's Coming Out" (Patrick, Heather, Mel) by a score of 10-5. Two of the major highlights from this game came from blocked shots. The first was a block by Greg of an extremely high shot. Greg remained undaunted, and cooly launched his stick into the air to knock the shot down. The second was a very nice twist-block by Melissa in which the ball bounced solidly off her thigh, leaving a little smiley imprint on her leg. Several players were injured, with Patrick spraining a foot and sustaining some other injuries, and Melissa and Robbie colliding with each other shortly before the final point of the match.

Everyone went back to John, Robbie and Jose's place to have pizza, games, and TV and to watch California get its tail kicked in the Little League World Series.

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