Jayhawk Division Stats

It was a very nice evening today for crumpets. The ground was still soft from the rain, but it was cooler than Sunday afternoon, so all was good. The Club welcomes visitors Barbara, Jackie, Caity, Megan, and Whitney as well as several spectators. The Club also formally welcomes Megan, Jess, Chris, and Jared to its ranks as official members, and we all look forward to seeing the decorations they put on their sticks :-)

Game 1 - In the first game, "Beluga Whale Tomboys" (Greg, Mel, Robbie, Jess, John, Dan, Meg, Heather) faced off against "Buxtehuda's Warriors" (Megan, Caity, Whitney, Patrick, Cori, Jose, Eric), who didn't actually know what their team name meant. Perhaps due to their confusion, the Warriors fell to the Tomboys, 10-3.

Game 2 - After the first game we had enough people to justify splitting down into two games. In game 2a, "Los Arboles" (Robbie, Patrick, Jess, Mel, Whitney) defeated "Break-Dancing Amphibians" (Dan, Jared, Barbara, John) by a score of 10-3.

Game 3 - In game 2b, "Soccy Crumpets Wearing Jeans" (Greg, Heather, Chris, Meg, Jackie) defeated "Kauai Red-Eye" (Jose, Cori, Debbie, Megan, Caity) by a score of 10-7.

Game 4 - In the third game, the aptly named "Quick! It's Getting Dark!" (Greg, Dan, Robbie, Heather, Jose, Whitney, Meg) squeaked past "Take Our Picture!" (Deb, Pat, John, Chris, Cori, Caity). "Picture" jumped to an early lead, although never too great of one, until a fateful "shady foot call". Patrick was in goal for "Picture" and a foot was called on his own teammate. After Patrick left the goal to retrieve his thrown stick, his teammate revealed that it was, in fact, not a foot and play resumed with a 2-point goal scored on Patrick's goal while it was open. This lead to what we'll call "a new zeal" in Patrick's play which took his team to a larger lead before "Dark" picked up the pace to keep up. Near the end of the game, Greg scored a 1-point goal for "Dark" immediately after falling on the ground and the ball bouncing off his hand for a "shady hand call". This was ruled in Dark's favor, partly because an earlier not-quite-two-point shot was given to "Picture" as a two-point shot. The last major event of the night was a major collision between a full-out running Robbie and a full-out running Patrick. Fortunately nobody was hurt beyond some minor bell-ringing. With the score at 9-8 in favor of "Picture", a final 2-point shot was put through to finish the game 10-9 in favor of "Quick! It's Getting Dark".

We went to Dairy Queen. Imagine that.

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