Jayhawk Division Stats

It was a very nice day for crumpets, although it was a bit buggy. This was our last Monday night crumpets of the summer, because it simply got dark too early to get in more than 1 or 2 good games. We would like to welcome Brent, Kasabi, and Aggie. We enjoyed playing alongside you, and we hope that you'll come back for more games in the future.

Game 1 - In the first game, "Rookies Make Us Hott!" (Patrick, Robbie, Melissa, John, Jose, Eric) defeated "The Guy in the Back is Greg" (Brent, Greg, Kasabi, Aggie, Katie, Dan) by a score of 10-5.

Game 2 - The second game was extremely close. There were several close calls on goals. Each of these involved a spectacular near-save in which the ball just managed to squeak across the line. Kasabi had the first of these, in which she blocked a very high shot, and then blocked a high put-back, but had to step back into the goal to block the put-back. Aggie was the next of the excellent blocks. She stopped about 8 shots before Kasabi finally managed to sneak one past her. This was also the first time that Patrick and Dan had the pleasure of joining each other on the same team.

It was a neck and neck game between "We Live Behind a Radio Station" and "You Remind Me Of Somebody" until "Radio Station" managed to squeak by a goal to make it 9-7 in their favor. After a very fortunate save for "Somebody" by Robbie, "Somebody" put up two points of their own to tie the game at 9-9. Greg managed to get another spectacular save for "Somebody", but several of the members of "Radio Station" forced Greg to come up out of the goal to face them, and an unfortunate bounce went right to Patrick who rushed the last two points into the goal, ending the game 10-9 in favor of "We Live Behind a Radio Station".

After it was too dark to play, we headed over to Dairy Queen.

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