Jayhawk Division Stats

The Crumpets Club would like to welcome Matt and Nate (Jess's brother). We'd also like to welcome back Jackie. We hope to see all of you more in the future! Today was a very nice, if also very warm, day for crumpets. It was also family weekend, so we had a few spectators. Thanks to Justin for jotting down notes on the game, since I was forced to miss for a work meeting.

Game 1 - The first game was "Hot Dirty Mush Mush" (Patrick, Matt, Justin, Jackie) vs. "Lobotomized Dandelion" (Jess, Nate, Eric, Dan, John), which started out with a quick 2-0 lead for Dandelion, but the Mush had a 10-point run, finishing it
at 10-2.

Game 2 - Between games, Jess and Nate left, and Heather arrived. By way of explanation of team names for game 2, Patrick was captain, and had people pick letters (A-J) and then colors (spectrum). The color I picked was chartreuse. No one
actually picked fuschia, but it snuck in anyway.

Game 2 was "Charfuschia Crocodile" (Dan, John, Justin, Jackie) vs. "I'm Gonna Chartreuse!", in which Gonna took a 9-3 lead, before Crocodile made their 7-point comeback run to win 10-9.

After the game, everyone pretty much went their own ways.

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