Jayhawk Division Stats

It was a nice, cool, cloudy day today. However, the turnout was low, partly due to the fact that several of the regular players were in Kansas City for an orchestra concert. Hopefully everyone will be back next week.

Game 1 - In the first game, "John's Shirt is Upside Down" (Eric, John) was defeated by "Dodgers to the World Series" (Patrick, Dan) by a score of 10-7.

Game 2 - In the second game, "Neocastrians" (John, Patrick) defeated "Michigeese" (Eric, Dan) by a score of ?. Possibly 6? Not sure. Sorry about that.

Game 3 - In the final game, "Final Combination" (John, Dan) defeated "Orange Doughnuts" (Patrick, Eric) by a score of 10-6.

Thanks to John for writing up the scores for me so I could get them posted.

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