Greg "You're Not PLaying Hard Enough if you Can Breathe" Boege

  • Name: Greg "You're Not Playing Hard Enough if you Can Breathe" Boege
  • Name of Crumpet Stick: Masasume (Legendary Japanese Sword).
  • Date of Birth: September 18, 1981
  • First Played Crumpets: Sometime in 1998
  • Favorite Weather Condition for Crumpets: Rain, lots of it. There's nothing like diving head first for a crumpet and sliding for 5 yards.
  • Most Overused Technique: Bat throw.
  • Most Known For: Being covered in dirt/mud and not being able to breathe during or after a game.
  • Little Known Facts: Quite possibly one of the only people to play with a narrow wiffle bat as there weren't enough real crumpet sticks during the first game.
  • E-Mail Address: . Don't send him spam or YOU might not be able to breathe after the next crumpets game.

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