Patrick "I Locked My Keys in the Car" Nuss

  • Name: Patrick "I locked My Keys in the Car" Nuss
  • Name of Crumpet Stick: CrumPOW Jr.!
  • Date of Birth: November 20, 1980
  • First Played Crumpets: 2000
  • Favorite Weather Condition for Crumpets: Snow, of course
  • Favorite Position to Play: Offense, so he can rack up points against Robbie.
  • Girls accidentally tackled/whacked in face: 3
  • Hobbies: Designing and constructing a car for my senior design project, rugby, tennis, camping/backpacking.
  • Crumpet Goals: Crumpets Hall of Fame, not locking my keys in my car, making goalie Robbie's least favorite position, meeting a single, attractive, crumpet-playing gal.
  • E-Mail Address:

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