Field Crumpets New York

A division of the American Field Crumpets League.
Est. 2001 by the field crumpeters of Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.


Field crumpets was invented in Leawood, Kansas in about 1996 by Robbie Overton and Mike Nolan. You could think of it as a cross between soccer, hockey, racket sports, and cartoon physics. It combines classic ball-sport elements with a set of unique and ingenious rules... as well as bright, fat, plastic bats. The result is a sort of fusion of goodwill, sport, and hilarity.

In short, field crumpets is a silly game.

Active New York field crumpeters can currently be found on the campus of Cornell University, in the city of Ithaca, an excellent locale for snow crumpeting. It is the site of the first known crumpetization east of the Mississippi, located about 1000 miles from the birthtown of Leawood.

How Field Crumpets came to New York
One early crumpeter from the neighboring city of Overland Park first encountered field crumpets arriving late to a friend's birthday party. The party was Robbie Overton's; the arrival was Tau Kung; the year was 1997.

This particular late arrival was quite unfashionable, since it resulted in missing the odd game in progress on Robbie's front lawn, which terminated shortly thereafter...

The Millennium Millipede Ball
The bones and some Sperry Hall neighbors played at fall break, 2001. Unfortunately, the crumpet went home accidentally with Chris in his trunk, so a giant plastic green ball, about three feet across, full of plastic toy millipedes was substituted. The high wind complicated the game slightly. A lot actually. It was nuts.

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Band Culture
Field crumpets growth in New York was greatly accelerated by the Cornell University Marching Band. The game was introduced at a band picnic where interest quickly exceeded supply, and people took turns playing. The following year, with returning crumpeters, rule explanation was more fluid, and the game spread further.

When a vehicle impeded marching trombones, they were known to yield and respectfully crumpet salute the vehicle.

Field Crumpets New York is a division of the American Field Crumpets League (AFCL).

The AFCL contact serves as an ambassador to the AFCL for rules and trip discussions, and also helps connect people with equipment and games. The current AFCL contact is Zach Maben.

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Official website of the American Field Crumpets League, by field crumpet inventor and authority Robbie Overton.
This site contains a copy of the Official AFCL Rules, as well as some field crumpet history.

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