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Field Crumpets Equipment
In equiping crumpeters of consistently large number, Field Crumpets NY has come across a variety of products both good and bad. Below are some recommendations for those seeking to start some games of their own.


From Plastic Bats to Crumpet Sticks
Not all plastic bats are suitable for a close contact sport like crumpets. Go for large diameter bats of thin, hollow plastic to be your crumpet sticks.

Husky Hitter brand; about $2 each; at Kmart, Walmart. More common from Feb. through early summer.
Sure Hit brand; $1 each; at Dollar Store. A bit shorter-lived, but a good deal. Hard to find lately.

Target brand; at Target stores, these are too hard and will hurt.
Mr. Fat Bat brand; these are too hard and will hurt.
Wiffle brand and other skinny bats; these are extremely hard and will hurt. Strongly discouraged.
grill, waffle or wire style bats; by this we mean bats that have gaps in the plastic to make them lighter. That makes them better for whiffleball, but dangerous in crumpets.


Field Markers
Our motivation here is again primarily safety.

Marker Discs, and Flexi Cones, both made by Franklin; available in 4-packs at KMart, WalMart, and similar stores. Bright orange. Safe, visible, light, compact, and inexpensive. We recommend 4 discs for the field corners, and 8 cones for the goals (4 per goal). Additional discs can help mark half-field if you like.

Tent pegs/spikes; though they hold well in wind, they are dangerous to fall on or slide into. As alternative in moderate wind, you could set the cones on their sides. (Any windier, and the crumpet will be out of control, too.)

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