The "Short Rules" of Field Crumpets

Welcome to the "Short Rules" of Field Crumpets. Hopefully this page will help to get you up and running with as little effort as possible.

Let's start by saying what's not on this page. I'm not going to talk about field size, equipment, or nit-picky rules like when you can and can't score on a serve. I probably also won't talk about the penalties for most illegal actions, unless it's an action that seems to happen frequently. If you want information on any of these things, check out the official rules page or, for more information on equipment, check out the equipment link right here in the New Players section.

Field Crumpets is played on a rectangular field, with a rectangle on each of the short ends of the field to act as the goal. The goals have no tops, but other than this, a crumpets field looks like a miniature soccer field. If the crumpet (ball) crosses the front of a goal, then 1 point is scored (for the team who is not defending the goal, naturally). If the crumpet crosses the front and crosses the back, an additional point is scored. So crumpets has 1 and 2 point plays. The game is played to 10 points.

The players score by maneuvering the crumpet with their crumpet sticks or any part of their body other than their feet or hands. The only player(s) on the field who may kick the crumpet are the goalies, who in turn must remain on the same half of the field as the goal that they are defending. No player may legally hit the ball with their hand. If a player other than the goalie intentionally hits the crumpet with any part of their foot, then any other player from either team may call a foot penalty. The crumpet is dead at the site of the foul, and the other team gains possession there as if it were out of bounds. If any player hits the ball with their hand, the other team gets a free shot on that player's goal.

If the crumpet crosses the out of bounds line then it is dead at the spot of its crossing, and the other team may bring it into play. When bringing a crumpet into play, the player who actually brings it in may not score on the opposing team's goal until at least one person other than him/her has touched the crumpet. For further rules on bringing the crumpet into play from out of bounds or from a foot call, please look at the official rules page.

Before the game, each team should think of a name for the other team. Every time the ball is served, you must shout the name you've been given at the top of your lungs. At the beginning of the game the captain's team serves the ball. The captain's entire team must be behind their base line at the time of the serve, and the entire receiving team must be on their own side of half-field. The crumpet is served again after each goal by the team who scored the goal. After scoring a goal, the team who scored MUST change goalies, and no player may be goalie a second time until each player has been goalie once. Likewise, no player may serve the crumpet a second time until all players on the team have served the crumpet once.

The only other rule of any major consequence is that players may push, shove and slide as long as these actions are either unintentional or at least mostly safe for all players involved. However, no player may ever grab, hold or tackle any opposing player.

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