The Spirit of Field Crumpets

This section will address the intentions, mindset and spirit of the game of crumpets. Crumpets has always been a game between friends. In order to keep it that way, several things have been done. Firstly, crumpets is about honesty. There are no refs or umpires, and we thank that's pretty cool. As long as everyone is honest about their actions, we don't need them, and everyone will have more fun. I'm not saying that, if you commit a foul, you should stop the game and say "Hey, guys, I committed this foul. Please, I want you to penalize me." But, if someone calls your foul, a true crumpets player will say, "Yes, I committed that foul." instead of yelling a stream of profanities and everyone getting mad. In the case that two people genuinely disagree with each other (as often happens) a simple game of rock-paper-scissors will almost always fix it.

Another great thing about crumpets is the non-presence of fixed teams. In football, you've got the Jayhawks, and the Wildcats, and the Tigers. These people HATE each other. Why? Because their teams are against each other. In crumpets, there are no fixed teams. Instead, each team is chosen randomly at the beginning of each game, so your foe from the last game may be your friend in this game. This prevents ill-will from creeping onto the crumpets field.

I mentioned the third point above. The team selection in crumpets is random. This illustrates that anyone can play crumpets. No player will be left out, and we don't have two captains up front picking "the best" players to be on their team, which inevitably leaves "the worst" players till last. We believe that every player has something to offer to crumpets, and random team selection means that the person with "the least to offer" doesn't get left till last every time.

The final point in this section is that crumpets is about not taking yourself so seriously that you don't have fun. I know that I said before the team names and game reviews are a bit cryptic, but go have a look at them now. You might notice that many of the names are silly at best. Some of them are downright stupid. But, for a while, it doesn't matter. We're having so much fun that we forget that grown ups are supposed to look intelligent.

You may have noticed that "Winning the Game" was not mentioned in the spirit of crumpets. Winning is wonderful, of course. And, of course, if both teams aren't trying to win, we might as well be having a tea-party. But if winning becomes the spirit of crumpets, then it is just a matter of time before all of the other wonderful things I've mentioned above begin to fall apart. How can you win if all the "bad players" are on your team? How can you win if you don't have a set team that you can practice and plan plays with? I could go on, but you get it, right? So when you come to the crumpets field, as we all certainly hope you do, leave your care for winning behind, and join us to have loads of fun and maybe to beat the snot out of the other team while we're at it!

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